Creators that inspire us

There are many places to draw inspiration from in life but I wanted to share with you some of my go to’s for visual inspirations. Each brings something different to the table but what unites them all is unapologetic individuality and that is a concept we relish in here at La Sororité.


Bettina’s unrivalled personal style and doesn’t just end in the clothes she wears but she curates her images to feel like paintings. She seems to exist halfway between the reality of London life and an ethereal world. Her images take us to that place.


Do we even need to say why! He is an icon of our era. The king of modern French style and yet has made it his completely and unapologetically his own.  He is an artist in our eyes.


Louise is the quintessential French girl; she is effortlessly chic and gives us cool girl vibes for days. La Sororité classic French understated style is born from women like her.


Aurora is the founder of Brother Vielles which was one of the first brands doing cool social impact pieces. She was a big inspiration for us at the very beginning stage of LS and has continued to be ever since. She isn’t afraid to use colour but also takes things back to their origins and pays attention to the individuals and communities that make her clothes.


 Gala is chic but she is also playful. She again works that effortless cool girl look so well and that is what inspires us the most. 


We love Christopher for the colour and diversity he brings to our lives, he creates a playful space for everyone to be themselves and we love him for that. The LS sisterhood is all about building an enriching community (hence the name) and Christopher has walked the path ahead of us.
Keep doing what inspires you most.