Cashmere... in Summer?!

Contrary to popular belief, we think cashmere jumpers are the perfect summer attire. Why? The natural properties of cashmere make it the ideal piece in your wardrobe this time of year, balancing out warmer temperatures throughout the day and keeping you cool and comfortable when the sun is shining.

The warmer weather also gives us a chance to experiment with how we style these gorgeous pieces, and we’ve included a few of our favourite ways below!

1) Over the Shoulder
Preppy and classic, this styling is perfect for keeping the sun off your shoulders whilst keeping your arms free. The jumper is placed on your shoulders, and the arms wrapped loosely around the décolletage in a chic knot - a fashion symbol that’s quintessential to the preppy look, and perfect over a strappy summer dress or a simple t-shirt.


2) The Modern Twist
An contemporary take on the classic over the shoulder knot, the cool-girl twist is perfect for fun layering this Summer. Place the jumper on shoulders as usual, but pull one sleeve under the arm and the other down over the shoulder, and tie across the torso, for a carefree and stylish addition to any style.


3) Evening Chill
You just can’t beat the cosy charm of cashmere jumpers - even in summer! As the evening cools, bring your jumper along to your park picnic or on your daily walk, perfect to feel comfortable and warm as the sun sets. Perfect when styled with midi, maxi or mini dresses - and why not mix fabrics for a playful feel? Cashmere and silk are the safest pair around, or why not accompany with pale denim for a trendy twist.

And remember, even the seasons change, the difference you make remains! By investing in a timeless piece of clothing, you are supporting women right across the globe. That’s our sisterhood, that’s La Sororité.