Why do we need to slow down on Fast Fashion ?

Fast Fashion is History
Originally referring to the haste in which retailers would try and imitate the latest styles from the runway, the term Fast Fashion is now more often associated with the ceaseless barrage of low quality garments embodying fleeting, transient trends at break-neck speed.
Not only is this incredibly unauthentic, but incredibly detrimental to the environment and fashion industry itself. 85% of our clothes will end up in landfill, and with current technologies, it would take 12 years to recycle what the Fast Fashion industry makes in just 48 hours. 
Good Things Take Time
We all indulged in instant gratification. Social media, fast food, media streaming and even contactless payments mean everything is available at the touch of a button or the tap of a card. But the truth is, the best things always take a little time. Fast Fashion brands often use cheap labour, unsafe working conditions and operate in countries with little to no safety regulations. This has caused and will continue to cause irreversible damage to communities, their environments and the integrity of the fashion world - and as fast fashion is predicted to increase by over 60% by 2030, the time for change is now or never.

Our tips to help you make the world a little bit better ....

Small Actions, Big Impact 
Starting small can make the biggest difference.
Remember the three E’s when you’re searching for the perfect pieces. 
Ethical, Ecological and Economical.
By supporting companies that take pride in the care and support of their workers makes a big difference. Fair working conditions, education and childcare support are all important factors and start with consumers spending in the right places. 
When a brand is aware of their global footprint they make smarter choices with the environment’s wellbeing at the fore. When you shop with brands who have an ecological mind set, you are part of a movement of those who care about the world we live in.
A piece of quality, sustainable clothing is an investment. It will outlast any fleeting trend and become part of the fabric of your wardrobe as a chic staple with meaning.
Breaking the Cycle 
By shopping with a brand like La Sororite, you are making a conscious choice to support a company that gives back and makes a difference. By supporting ethical, sustainable practices in our production, as well as ensuring the health, education and wellbeing of our Nepalese workforce and bringing you luxury cashmere jumpers of the highest quality, without compromise.