How to choose good quality cashmere in five simple steps

By: Sonia De Los Rios

In recent decades the prices of cashmere have gone down, and more people have been able to acquire it, this is due to the mass production which has led to low-quality and un-ethical standards which cashmere is associated with today.

Good quality cashmere, is made to be cherished, cared for and made carefully and considerably. When cared for properly, a good cashmere sweater can last you a lifetime and will only get softer with time.

“Think of cashmere as fine wine, only getting better with age.”

Here are some simple rules to follow when deciding to make the investment:
1: Always read the label! Make sure you are getting 100% cashmere, from regions where the cashmere goat thrives, such as the Himalayan Mountains where temperatures can drop to –30 degrees. Inhabiting these freezing cold climates means these hardy goats grow an incredibly thick, warm coat and produce the warmest cashmere.

2: Feel it! Those with the best quality fibres will be soft, light and have little or no pilling. Avoid sweaters that feel fuzzy, stiff, scratchy or that don’t bounce back after you crinkle or lightly pull the fabric. Rub the fabric under your chin, or neck as these are very sensitive areas.

3: Buy from trusted sources, such as designers and labels that specialise in Cashmere and that offer honest information about their supply chain and how their products are made and cared for.


4: Choose a timeless style that will be versatile with your wardrobe and become a staple for years to come.

5: Consider the benefits of the investment and the cost per wear. Good quality cashmere is not cheap so consider the value. Cashmere is light, soft and comfortable, not itchy like other wool sweaters. It is naturally hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin, making it a safe and smart investment.