La Sororité x BLANC Cashmere Care Guide

Purchased a cashmere piece from La Sororité and wondering how to care for it properly?

Washing cashmere can be a scary task, soft and delicate, it needs a little extra love and care to keep it in great condition.

However, you needn't worry - we've teamed up with London's award-winning eco-friendly dry cleaners BLANC to bring you a foolproof care guide to ensure your La Sororité pieces are well taken care of.

You can also opt for a professional cleaning service for your cashmere items. BLANC uses environmentally friendly wet clean technology. This is especially perfect on delicates, like cashmere as it is a very gentle process. Wet cleaning is also kinder to your health and to our planet as we don’t use highly toxic chemicals like traditional dry cleaners. However, with a little bit of extra care and know-how, you can also wash cashmere at home with great results.

It’s important to briefly note: as cashmere is a very soft and delicate fabric, it is generally wise to hand wash cashmere garments.


Read on for a step-by-step guide of how to care for your La Sororité cashmere:

1. If you need to pretreat a stain on your item, the BLANC stain bar is perfect: simply dampen the bar and the fabric and rub on the garment gently, to directly treat the stain.

2. Mix cool to lukewarm water (never hot) together, in a bath or container with some gentle detergent and submerge the garment, remembering to gently agitate.

3. Once soaked, you then need to press the water out of the item, and make sure not to wring or twist your garment.

4. To dry the garment properly and in order for it to maintain its original shape and size, it is best to lay your cashmere on a towel, on a flat surface and reshape whilst damp. (PS: Remember to completely avoid using any form of heat when drying! Try to keep your garment away from any heat sources like radiators and always avoid using the tumble dryer for cashmere pieces as this will shrink your item.)

5. Fold your items and place them away in a drawer or on a shelf. Avoid hanging cashmere, as this distorts the garment and cause dimples!


How to protect cashmere from moths & pilling:

6. To keep moths at bay, wash all of your clothes to get rid of any eggs the moths might have laid. You can use sachets of dried herbs, such as dried rosemary, thyme, cloves and lavender. The cedar moth repellent cubes are great for this too - not to mention, they are eco-friendly, smell great and they last a lifetime. All they need is a couple of drops of cedar wood oil to refresh them.

7. If you’re still struggling with clothes moths, take a read of our blog article about how to get rid of moths.

8. The easiest way to keep pilling and bobbles at bay is with a cashmere comb or brush. You simply take the comb and gently brush these off your garment - just try to avoid tugging too much! Alternatively, you can use a sweater stone for the same result.


Shop the BLANC list of cashmere care essentials:

- The BLANC stain bar - for pre-treating stains, gently and effectively.

- Gentle detergent for hand washing your cashmere (the BLANC Yuzu fragrance is our favourite at LS!).

- A Sweater Stone or Cashmere Clothes Brush, to eradicate pilling.

Repellent cubes, to keep those pesky moths at bay!       


We hope you now feel confident to take great care of your La Sororité cashmere pieces ahead of the long winter months.

If you are still a little nervous about caring for your cashmere - you can visit one of BLANC stores or book a home collection & delivery and we will take extra special care of your La Sororité cashmere items - with all the love and care they deserve!