What are the 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Sustainable Fashion?

The popularity and awareness surrounding sustainable fashion has been on the rise in recent years, however there are still common misconceptions that need explained. At La Sororité we’re big on learning and educating yourself about issues, and becoming a consumer with a conscience, so read on for myth busting answers to common questions about sustainable fashion.

1. “Fashion doesn’t effect the environment”

This is a common misconception that is slowly being recognised by the media, but still largely kept rather quiet. Fast fashion is one of the highest contributors to climate change in the world. For every ton of textiles made for clothing, 200 tons of water are polluted - that’s equivalent to 5,640,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. By shopping with small brands with a conscience and sustainable manufacturing process, you can contribute to the reduction of pollution.

2. “Sustainability doesn’t really effect me”

It’s not hard to see the world is suffering from climate change, with fires and flooding on the rise across the globe. As this often happen far from home, we distance ourselves from these issues, when really it is just as important for us to be aware of the global impact of what we consume - clothing included. By taking time to research and donate to organisations supporting those effected by climate related natural disasters, we can make a real difference from thousands of miles away.

3. “Sustainable brands are too expensive”

With fast fashion adverts clouding every screen, billboard and page, its not hard to be distracted by the rock bottom prices these companies offer. But we have to stop and ask ourselves why these clothing items are so inexpensive, because the cheaper they are for us, the less is put aside for those who work and make the garments. By shopping with responsible brands who believe in paying their staff fairly and charging appropriate prices you are helping to slow the wheel of underpayment.

4. “What makes a sustainable brands quality any better?”

When a brand takes pride in its process and its people, you can almost guarantee they are even more passionate about their product. When shopping sustainability, you are buying items to last - that surpass the flimsy trends that change with the seasons. By investing in a piece of luxury, quality clothing and taking care of it accordingly, you are investing in a core piece for your wardrobe and finding your own style, without simply following the “New In” rhetoric that is forced upon us.

La Sororité bridges the gap between sustainable and luxury fashion whilst supporting our female work force in Nepal. We have thrown away the fast-fashion model and instead focus on ethical production by empowering our craftswomen, celebrating artisan work, establishing personal relationships with our suppliers and carefully considering the impact our supply chain has on nature. By purchasing a piece of our cashmere, you can feel confident in knowing that you are making a responsible, sustainable and ethical fashion choice - something we think you should be very proud of! You will also look fabulous.