Our 2021 New Year's Resolutions

2021 is here! We can all finally breathe a sigh of relief now that 2020 is over. Although we all still have difficult months ahead, at La Sororité we're thinking of ways we can make this year a positive one. 

Our aim? To try and live a little more consciously in 2021. 

We spoke to some of the team to find out what they'll be doing to make their lives a little more sustainable this year. 


Emma, Founder & CEO

"My new year's resolution is to shop independently. Seeing how small businesses came together during this pandemic to support one another has been so inspiring, and being a more conscious shopper makes such a big difference. I often find the most beautiful, unique and personal items when shopping with independent brands so it's a win-win!" 


Paola, Social Media Intern

"My resolution for 2021 is to try and move towards a zero waste food shop. There are so many amazing local farmers with fantastic produce, so why do I need to seek out my veggies from the big supermarket chains? Buying little and often will also ensure a cut on food waste, something shopping locally can really help with!"


LucyDigital Content Lead 

"This year I really want to cut down on my single use plastic use. It's the little things... like remembering to bring bags with me when I go shopping or using my flask when grabbing a coffee. A wonderful friend bought me a beautiful reusable straw kit this Christmas, and I plan on bringing it to every restaurant and bar I visit once we're able to!"


In 2021, can all make a big difference by making small changes to our lives to try and live more sustainably. 

At La Sororité, are will continue to make sure every aspect of the brand is
as sustainable as possible, from the cashmere crafting process to the environmentally friendly packaging we use to ship our pieces to you.


Why not share your resolutions are for 2021? We'd love to hear them!