Steps to Sustainability: Deadstock Fabric

Welcome to a brand-new series here on the La Sororité blog, Steps to Sustainability. Each article will take you through a sustainable aspect of the brand – what it is, how its beneficial and the positive results it brings.

Our first piece focuses on the use of deadstock fabric, something our beautiful La Sororité dresses all have in common. Handmade in Italy, each piece is crafted from deadstock couture fabric to keep quality high and wastage low.


What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock refers to pieces of fabric that are surplus or ‘leftover’ from design and crafting processes. It may be that a brand overestimated the quantity they may need, or chose a different direction with palette, texture or pattern. La Sororité uses the finest quality couture deadstock fabric, meaning we are never compromising on quality – just giving leftover fabrics a new lease of life.


What are the benefits of using deadstock fabric?

Its kinder to the planet as it reduces textile waste, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of new fabric that would have to be crafted and shipped in its place. It also means we can create beautifully bespoke, made to order, limited edition dresses – because once the fabric is gone, it’s gone!


Where can I find products made from deadstock fabric at La Sororité?

All of our magnificent dresses are Inspired by the timeless style and beauty of Italy - a place close to the heart of our founder – and in collaboration with Italian designer Silvia Settembrini of S.Sette and using the deadstock fabric, our pieces are as sustainable as they are stylish. Our founder hand-selected these fabrics with the La Sororité customer in mind, as well as coordinating them with our beautiful cashmere jumpers too for the perfect effortlessly chic look!