The Hidden Dangers of Fast Fashion

We live in a fast-paced, superfluous world where trends change from one day to the next, and society’s burning desire to follow them has overshadowed the fashion industries dark side. Although fast fashion makes clothing trends more affordable, it also increases the cost we all have to pay - whether it be through environmental damage or worker exploitation.

By bringing to light what these industries keep in the shadows, we can make the conscious choice to support brands and companies that uphold values of integrity and safety.

Did you know that 80% of the workforce in the clothing and fashion industries are women?

Extreme poverty has forced many of these women to work tirelessly in these potentially dangerous conditions. Over-worked and exhausted, they are then faced with low wages, no healthcare benefits or opportunities for education. The employment of these impoverished women allows their lives to be severely limited, restricted and controlled by the gruelling demand of fast fashion.

More and more brands are using these methods, but somehow their reputations remain untarnished. Their secret? Outsourcing. By contracting these factories in developing countries - referred to as “Tier 1 production” - the company has no legal obligation to regulate appropriate working conditions for the staff within these factories, providing a platform for unchecked abuse and mistreatment.

How do you think some brands can release up to 400 new styles every week?

 The real question is, how can we help put a stop to this? By following brands that put the welfare of their workers above anything else, you can help slow down the furious racing of fast fashion.

  • Safe working conditions
  • fair pay
  • health benefits
  • opportunities to receive an education and gain new skills

- theses should be the bare minimum for any workplace, and something that La Sororité takes great pride in providing for our team of remarkable female workers.

And it’s working! As of 5th March 2020, the number of sustainable shoppers in the UK alone has increased by a third over the last year.

By investing in good quality, timeless pieces of clothing, you are supporting the rights of these impoverished workers the world over. We are so inspired by each and every member of our sisterhood, consciously making the decision to support the brand values we hold so dearly. It’s woven into the very fabric of La Sororité. Keep inspiring others the way you inspire us!

*Facts & figures from FEMNET & FRA