• Into the Archives: Diana, Princess of Wales

    Welcome to the first entry in our new series Into the Archives, where we turn back time and revisit fashion icons who influence the styling of our cashmere pieces here at La Sororité.  Who better to start with than Princess Diana? Although her legacy extends beyond the realms of fashion, the Peop... View Post
  • Funding the Hiteri Foundation in Kathmandu

    At La Sororité, we wanted to do something to help support the lower income families of Kathmandu - the Nepalese city where our cashmere pieces are crafted - during this devastating COVID-19 pandemic. So, our Production Manager Riya commenced with a mission to help support the Hiteri Foundation, w... View Post
  • The popularity and awareness surrounding sustainable fashion has been on the rise in recent years, however there are still common misconceptions that need explained. At La Sororité we’re big on learning and educating yourself about issues, and becoming a consumer with a conscience, so read on for myth busting answers to common questions about sustainable fashion.

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  • Creators that inspire us

    There are many places to draw inspiration from in life but I wanted to share with you some of my go to’s for visual inspirations. Each brings something different to the table but what unites them all is unapologetic individuality and that is a concept we relish in here at La Sororité. Bettina... View Post