• How to make your cashmere last a lifetime

    We’ve compiled a list of tips to answer all your TLC questions so you can look after your favourite piece with ease:

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  • Why do we need to slow down on Fast Fashion ?

    Fast Fashion is History Originally referring to the haste in which retailers would try and imitate the latest styles from the runway, the term Fast Fashion is now more often associated with the ceaseless barrage of low quality garments embodying fleeting, transient trends at break-neck speed. Not... View Post
  • We're inside, but spring is definitely in the air - SS20 Trends

    In these uncertain times, fashion is a great way of brightening up our days. We’ve compiled the latest Spring 2020 trends to inspire you to spice up that WFH wardrobe! Splash of Colour Accents of technicolour - as demonstrated by Jacquemus’ lavender field catwalk sensation in Provence, France... View Post
  • How to choose good quality cashmere in five simple steps

    By: Sonia De Los RiosIn recent decades the prices of cashmere have gone down, and more people have been able to acquire it, this is due to the mass production which has led to low-quality and un-ethical standards which cashmere is associated with today. Good quality cashmere, is made to be che... View Post