A commitment to sustainability and ethical production

Our workforce is made up of women from marginalised groups in Nepal and we endeavour to help these women become self-reliant individuals through educational programmes, good salaries and health programmes for them and their families. The women we work with always come first for us, we ensure their artisan skills are celebrated by fair wages and a flexible, safe working environment. Most of the women who work for us have a family to provide for through this work, whether that be older parents or children. Female empowerment has a wide effect, reaching not only the families of the women we work with but the community as a whole.
We ensure all our packaging is biodegradable and we avoid all harmful chemicals in our processes. 
At La Sororité we care about the women who make our clothes as much as the women we make them for. If you have any questions please do contact us at emma@lasororite.com or DM us on Instagram.