The fibres are gathered by combing and collecting naturally shed wool. The delicate fur combing process is performed every spring on the same goats for many years without harm or distress to the animal.

Our ultra-fine cashmere is taken from the underbelly and under the chin of the Himalayan Mountain Goat locally called “Chyangra”, this beautiful goat lives at an altitude of over 3000 meters in the most remote regions. Inhabiting this freezing cold climate these hardy goats, produce the warmest cashmere. 

  Your beautiful Cashmere item is delicate but very durable and with your loving care will last for years

          Wash by hand in cold water. We recommend using a small amount of baby shampoo. After soaking and rinsing thoroughly, squeeze out  excess water gently, but never wring. Lay the sweater out flat between two towels and press gently to soak up excess water

           Lay to dry on a flat towel or a drying rack, but make sure it’s evenly spread across the rack rather than simply hung as hanging whilst
      wet can stretch the fabric

 When completely dry fold the garment neatly and store out of direct sunlight. Protect from moths, they love Cashmere especially if there is moisture in the fibres.

      And remember never, ever put your cashmere
 in the washing machine …… seriously never!